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28 March 2011 @ 06:35 pm
welcome to Kpop_spork (delayed welcome post lolwhoops)  
 ilovensync51  and I run this community. what do we do? well we find badfic, and add cracky, (un)funny commentary as if the band the badfic is about is reading it. Why do we do it? because we're just bored and have nothing better to do, that's why. we find most of our sporking material on asianfanfics, but we like to lurk around for it everywhere.We encourage  you guys to find and spork your own fics and post them onto the site, since it looks rather drab and empty at the time being, seeing as it's new and all. all you have to do is find a fic you think is completely horrible, or really any badfic, and add funny commentary. please try to follow this format when sporking, as it makes everything easier to read.


band member 1: commentary here
band member 2: commentary here

and so on. rinse and repeat.

and if you wish, you may color code the commentary for the convenience of everyone.