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No one is safe
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Tired of badfics ruining your lurking?
Has sifting through badfics now become a hassle?

Well, we're here to talk about kpop_spork!
for more information call: 1-800-kpopspork, that's:1-800-kpopspork. BUT HOLD EVERYTHING! If you call now we'll include a FREEEE suggestion section where YOU, the viewer, suggest badfics that we should spork! Call now!

We don't intend to hurt anyones feelings, and if you see one of your fics being sporked and want us to take it down then you can pm ilovensync51 or queenfucker and we'll delete it. Remember that this is just for fun.

Commenting is encouraging and helps us know that this community isn't turning to dust and that our work is appreciated/admired/hated/verb-ed. In other words, commenting is recommended.

We were inspired by jrock_spork, so please take a looksie at their community, and even if you don't know who the bands are, remember, it's for the lulz
No copyright infrigment is intended